HabitSafe featured in The AusIMM Bulletin

A feature article on "The Neuroscience of Personal Safety" By Cristian Sylvestre, Managing Director of HabitSafe, was published in The AusIMM Bulletin October 2017 issue.

Why do so many people still get hurt at work even though we do so much to try and keep them safe? Most organisations think of safety in terms of hazards/risks/controls; the worker’s knowledge; and their ability to make deliberate choices with safety in mind.

Although these have merit, and are a part of the overall solution, they are not enough to prevent many incidents, even serious ones. What is missing?

Read it online: http://bit.ly/2hQkw64

Read more about this in Third Generation Safety by Cristian Sylvestre.

Cristian takes what neuroscience is revealing about how the brain functions and explains how our human limitations impact our personal safety and what individuals and organisations can do about it. Download section 1 for FREE

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