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HABITSAFE - Safety Training and Incident Prevention

HabitSafe uses the latest neuroscience and behavioural research to help people be safer.


Most organisations think of safety in terms of compliance and people’s conscious choices. Although these ways of thinking about safety have merit, they are not enough to prevent many incidents, even serious ones. So, what’s missing?


An understanding of what really drives our behaviour. The way our brain functions as we interact with the world can result in unintentional "mistakes" which can cause incidents. The solution is not just about explaining how our brain works; it is about learning to engage with people’s subconscious mind in a way that empowers them to become habitually safer. After all, we are creatures of habit.


Neuroscience estimates that more than 90% of what we do is subconscious. HabitSafe helps organisations appreciate the large role played by inattention in incidents. If people understand (without blame or fault) how unintentional mistakes are made and how these can be minimised, they comply more, make “safer” choices and contribute to a positive safety culture. This all helps to improve safety performance significantly.


Cristian Sylvestre, the founder of HabitSafe, is a sought-after professional speaker having presented in over 50 conferences.




Cristian is passionate about applying the latest neuroscience and behavioural research to help individuals and organisations be safer. His 20 years of practical experience enables him to help organisations map their current way of thinking about safety, indentify the barriers that exist to taking the next step and exploring options to transition effectively. Cristian believes that we need to help individuals take more control for their own safety, if we are to improve safety performance in a meaningful way.

Cristian is a sought-after professional speaker that has spoken at more than 50 conferences. He is currently writing a book to share the learnings from his working career.


MES (Env), University of Sydney, 1991- 1993
BE (Chem), UNSW Australia, 1982-1985

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