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Principal Facilitator

Cristian Sylvestre

BE (Chem)

MES (Env)

That rarest of species: an engineer who can get the room laughing, and still get the point across. Equally at home with leaders and workers. 

I am passionate about applying the latest brain science and evidence-based behavioural research to help individuals and organisations be safer. In my 20 years of practical experience I have helped organisations map their current way of thinking about safety, identify the barriers that exist to taking the next step and exploring options to transition effectively. 


I believe that we need to help individuals take more control for their own safety, if we are to improve safety performance in a meaningful way. 

I've been working with Cristian for over 5 years. Prior to that I was a senior HR executive working for global companies such as Ecolab, BHP and SC Johnson. This is where I learned the critical importance of safety and leadership, building deep experience facilitating programs in both virtual and in person formats.


I like to keep things simple, effective and fun. I pride myself on being adaptable and am equally comfortable working with senior executives, middle management or operational staff.


I’m looking forward to helping you and your team get the most out of HabitSafe, as I have done myself and with those I care about. We will work together to get people to practice the learning so that it becomes embedded in what they do automatically. This is my focus.


I'm based in Sydney and travel across Australia and overseas to meet clients’ needs. 

Senior Facilitator

Murray Smith

B Comm (Ind relations)

M Ed       (Adult Education)

Grad Dip (Psychology)

Office Manager

Anna Masri

Dip (Business Management)

I've been working with HabitSafe for over 5 years. I ensure everything about your experience with us happens seamlessly. 


I organise the training schedule, arrange travel and accommodation for our consultants and I ensure all training materials are delivered on time and manage the necessary documents to make it all happen.

I'm based in our Sydney office and I look forward to working with you.  

Senior Facilitator

Demian Coorey

B Sc (Physics)

M Comm (Finance)

I've been working with Cristian for over 10 years, not just training workers, but more importantly, working with leaders to make the most of HabitSafe. This is where my passion is: creating a core of champions within your organisation who will keep HabitSafe practices strong over the long term and help make early gains permanent.


Before I worked in safety, I owned my own writing and publishing business. That was how I came to work with Cristian, helping him take his thinking and create a fun, engaging training programme (yes, HabitSafe) that participants actually look forward to attending. 

I'm based in Queensland and I travel all over Australia, I'm looking forward to working with you.

Accounts & Book Sales

Joadi Dixon

I've been working with HabitSafe for over 10 years. I deal with all our account matters and book sales.

I'm based in our Sydney office and love that we help people be more attentive in their everyday lives.

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