Using neuroscience to enable personal safety

By Cristian Sylvestre

Neuroscience is allowing us to look deeper inside our heads and work out exactly how our brains function.

Cristian Sylvestre takes what neuroscience is revealing and explains how understanding our brain can help improve personal safety.

Third Generation Safety: The Missing Piece reveals how we get hurt 95% of the time and what we can do about it, as individuals and organisations.

Review - Ed Napiorkowski

First-generation safety is strong on compliance, an emphasis on hazard & risk identification, safe places of work.

Review - Mike Kleier

I'd like to share some thoughts on Third Generation Safety: The Missing Piece, by Cristian Sylvestre which has been an encouraging and stimulating read.

Review - Kerry Smith

Third Generation Safety: The Missing Piece takes a fascinating look at the evolution of safety; not just where we have been, but where we should go next.  

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