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Cristian Sylvestre

HabitSafe P/L

David Pope

Pope HSE P/L.

So many myths about safety...
so little hard evidence

Much of what is “new” in safety has not been proven to make any difference to safety performance, some of it possibly making it worse.


These three approaches helped us improve safety and brought us to where we are today, but they are struggling to help us improve further.


Our focus is on exploring new ways of thinking about safety: using different approaches to make systems more effective, strengthen safety culture, and take a deep dive into the discoveries and insights gained from neurobiology and brain research over the last 5 years.


This will be new information to many.


We know disruptive thinking challenges long-held beliefs and accepted norms. As such, it could be confronting for some. However, significant improvements tend to come from new perspectives and that is what we are interested in.


We do not advocate one approach over another, we just explore new safety frontiers to ensure that we are using everything available to help people with safety.

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